Quotable Geeks!

This week's Weekly Geeks is about quotes. I've got a whole big google doc of quotes and, since i've been reading a good number of books about books, several reference this hobby we all love so.

The Egyptians often, in death, had their favorite cats embalmed, to cozen their feet. If things go well, my special pets will pace me into eternity, Shakespeare as pillow, Pope at one elbow, Yeats at the other, and Shaw to warm my toes. Good company for far traveling--Ray Bradbury

The great drawback in new books is that they prevent our reading the old ones--Joseph Joubert

Reading good books is like having a conversation with the most distinguished men of past ages--Rene Descartes

There was indeed a “frightful lot” of books. The four walls of the library were plastered with them from floor to ceiling, save only where the door and the two windows insisted on living their own life, even though an illiterate one--The Red House Mystery, A.A. Milne.

I could go on, and on, and on! what's your favorite bookish quote?


  1. Anonymous12/6/11 07:07

    These are great, and not ones I'd heard before. Love the Milne quote. I don't actually keep lists of quotes anywhere, so have a hard time coming up with one when I need to.

  2. Anonymous16/6/11 00:31

    The Milne quotation caught my eye. I really like the usage of 'frightful lot.' It made me smile.



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