Weekly Geeks 2011-20

An interesting Weekly Geeks topic, or series of questions rather.

Did you have a hard and fast mindset in regards to your reading a year ago? (paperback, ebooks etc)
I wouldn't say I was completely devoted to hard copies a year ago. I'd listened to plenty of audiobooks and had read book-length fiction on the computer. I didn't have an ereader and didn't have a particular wish for one.

Are you still true to that format?
Sorta? In this past year i've read a few ebooks, B and I have worked on reading A Connecticut Yankee out loud to each other (though we haven't finished it, we are slow) and I have listened to way more audiobooks. I still have no desire for a personal ereader though. I have enough books actually sitting on the shelves to read and, other than the free classics, it is cheaper to buy used books at McKay's.

If you have tried another format (ebook, audio) – Share your experience?
The main reason my audiobook intake has shot up is that i changed jobs in November. Previously, i lived 10 minutes from work so only listened to audiobooks on long trips. Now, i have a 30 minute commute each way, which means on the books on CD i get from the library i get through almost a CD a day.

I've read a couple books on my phone, a Samsung Vibrant. it is a bit small so i am constantly turning the pages. one advantage is that it lets you change the colors so I set the background black and then the text a light gray which I like. It is also backlit so you can read in the dark

Lastly, I've read a book on Kindle. The best thing, i think, is that you can read big fat books one handed! I have a tendency to eat on the couch while reading and it works great. It is light and after a couple chapters i didn't really "notice" the device, something i can't say about reading on my phone.

What was it that made you tried something out of your comfort zone?
Well, B got a Kindle for Christmas from his family and last summer I got a better phone and loaded the Android Kindle application to it. The first whole book I read on the Kindle was A Game of Thrones that I had to reread on there because the paperback got absolutely soaked. I read a few books on my phone because I know the author.

Give a brief over view of where you are at with your reading now.
Well, i am listening to The Truelove by Patrick O'Brian and Anathem by Neal Stephenson at work (shh, don't tell! I play a book instead of music in the afternoon hours that seem to drag, 1-4). I'm almost done with my paperback reread of A Clash of Kings after which i have to start the paperback of A Storm of Swords then A Feast for Crows. If i read 96 pages a day i finish on July 11! After that, B and I will both be reading A Dance With Dragons, he on his Kindle and i on the hardback cause i am so not waiting for a library copy or even B to finish!

does all that make any sense? I hope so!


  1. Isn't the Kindle just wonderful for reading big heavy books? I always smile if I see someone on the train struggling to hold on to their book and read it, while I simply read away one handed with my oh so light Kindle :)

  2. I just started listening to audiobooks. i think it's a great way to read humorous memoirs and anything that's non-fiction. I'm just about ready to give fiction audiobooks a try.

  3. Clare- that part is lovely! After i finish up the fantasy series, i am going to swap to the Kindle for War and Peace!

    Molly- I love listening to British voices so i can't recommend the Aubrey/Maturin books highly enough! Plays are also a way to listen to something more like fiction; i've especially liked various Shakespeare productions.

  4. I've been listening to audio books off and on over the last few years and really enjoy them. I go through phases where I want to listen to books when I drive to and from work (the only time I generally listen to them) and when I'm wanting music or news.

    I'm just not a fan of the ereaders and have yet to envision a scenario where I am excited about them. I can see getting forced into getting one when/if a favorite author starts releasing books in that format only, but I hope those days are still a long way away. I'd rather spend the money on print versions at this point.

  5. Love your venture into the e-book world.. I still get impatient myself as well waiting on audio to be released and most times just go right for the paperback...

    I love my local book reseller's and never tire of going in to see what little gem they have in there - so as much as I love love my e-reader I love browsing and just getting that feeling of going home with "that find" in my bag..

    Thank you for taking part.. have a great weekend..



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