2 Different Books

The day A Dance With Dragons came out i finished A Storm of Swords. No, i didn't get my full reread in but i did check in with tor.com's handy cheat sheet. I plunged into Dragons, after which i think i will take a few book break then reread A Feast for Crows. of course, i give Swords a 6.

The other book i got through, on audio, was The Commodore by Patrick O'Brian, book 17 of the series. We get back to England, to the Real World and Real Time, which you will understand if you've read the books. We finally meet Maturin's little daughter Brigid, catch up with Clarissa Oakes, and find that Diana has run off because she couldn't handle being a mother to a child who might be mentally slow. Maturin starts looking for Diana as Padeen begins to help Brigid talk. Then the Navy give Aubrey a squadron with which he is to first hassle slavers then prevent the French from invading Ireland. Lots of action but lots of personal stuff as well. a 6.


  1. Just re-watched the film version of Master and Commander the other day and have been hungering to read the second book in this series (I've only read the first). Actually pulled it out and started it the other day but I had to set it aside because of the Way of Kings group read. I'd love to read all of these eventually.


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