4 Hercule Poirot

over the last week i've finished four Agatha Christie audiobooks starring Hercule Poirot.

Death in the Clouds: a French woman is murdered, in front of a dozen witnesses who don't notice a thing, in an airplane as it crosses the Channel to England. Hercule Poirot happens to be on the plane and, as he didn't notice the killing either, launches himself into the investigation. I was pretty proud of myself as i actually figured out the murderer! a 6.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles: I have definitely read this one before, probably a few times. By the time all the major characters were introduced I had remembered who was killed, who the murderer was and the major plot twists. still, it was fun to listen to. 6.

The Big Four: sorta like a James Bond plot. Four criminal masterminds try in various ways to get rid of Poirot so he cannot stop their devious plans. It was the sort of thing i had to keep reminding myself that, at the time it came out, the plot devices probably weren't cliches yet. a 5.

The Labours of Hercules: I liked this one the least. It really was 12 short stories, threaded by the fact that Poirot feels there needs to be a new series of the Labours of Hercules for intelligent, modern people. only a 4 but i must admit that the dog kidnapping scheme is bloody brilliant!

So there it is, 3 for the Vintage Mystery challenge as I am not counting the reread.


  1. My wife and I have listened to several Hercule Poirot audio books and have really enjoyed them. I've heard ones read by David Suchet and by Hugh Fraser and I think they both do such an excellent job. We are big fans of the Poirot television series and it is fun to contrast Christie's writing with the screen version. Poirot comes off as much more pompous in the books and the books are also much funnier while still being very entertaining mysteries.

    I've really enjoyed the stand alone Christie mysteries read by Amelia Fox too. I highly recommend them.


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