American Vampire 2

I took a break from Westeros to get through American Vampire 2 by Scott Snyder and Raphael Albuquerque. The story jumps to the 1930s and most of the story is in Las Vegas, where Skinner Sweet has a brothel/casino, with a bit of a side trip to find out about how Pearl and her man are. There's a new, interesting character in Cash, the sheriff of Las Vegas, and i'm quite intrigued by his story and to find out what happens to him. a 6.

On a totally different note, I'm an aunt again! My brother and sister in law had a baby girl this morning, Lily!
She is their third child and they had decided not to find out, not succumbing to outside pressures. It was kind of grand getting the call this morning from my mom telling me all about her. Everyone is fine! I can't wait to go back down to Louisiana for Labor Day.


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