Dance With Dragons

Wow. Just wow. After waiting for A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin for, well, a while, i don't know what exactly to say. Semi-spoilerish things may follow.
  1. A certain character better not be dead. I'm just saying, I read that bit and gasped and flipped through the chapter headings to see if that particular person had another chapter, which they didn't.
  2. Poor Martell kid. ouch.
  3. Tyrion might, possibly, maybe, have a touch of a Tysha obsession. I want to smack him and say "let it go!".
  4. Also, too much travel, not enough being there!
  5. We totally did not need a new candidate for the throne.
  6. Stannis-still a disappointment.
  7. how can you make me feel even somewhat sorry for Theon? ugh.
  8. Cersei is totally not cowed.
  9. Rickon? maybe? please?
  10. everyone has to be as scattered as they are going to be...let's all start for King's Landing or the Wall, shall we?
  11. I still like Daenerys but i wish her big stuff had happened hundreds of pages earlier.

so i am going to go with a 5. this will count for the 2011 Challenge in the Willpower? What Willpower? category. And i still love the series. and i will be buying the new one, whenever it comes out.


  1. I've been reading some of Martin's early short stories and essays in his book "Dream Songs-Volume 1"
    It's very apparent in some of his early stories that he has a tendency to kill off his main character as he's done in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series!


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