The Final Aubrey-Maturin

Blue at the Mizzen is the final completed Aubrey-Maturin novel by Patrick O'Brian.  I was a bit apprehensive to start it as i did not enjoy some of the events in the previous book, The Hundred Days.  Knowing this was the last finished book but that the series was intended to continue set my mind at ease for our two main characters at least.  But what would O'Brian choose to do with some of our secondary character?

In this book, after many delays, Aubrey and Maturin set off for Chile, the voyage they were preparing for at the end of The Yellow Admiral, but was delayed by Napoleon's whole escape thing.  They stop in Sierra Leone and Steven gets to go naturalizing with Christine Wood, another character we initially met several novels ago.  Proceeding onward, with all the troubles of the doldrums and the cape, we follow the men to Chile, where Jack is supposed to help the infant Chilean Navy become a real fighting force and Steven does some espionaging. 

so yeah, i kinda got teary at the end. knowing that this book wasn't intended to be the final one, i expected more of a cliffhanger ending. While not every subplot was resolved, a huge one that's been hanging over the last few books was closed. It was an emotional, lovely scene that I replayed in my car 3 times.  It was really good.

so, i've now read them all.  This series is a 7.  I honestly can say i wish there were another dozen to read.  The characters are wonderful.  I wouldn't want to marry Jack or Stephen but i want to know them, be their friend.  if you are at all interested in the series, read the first 2 books.  if you hate them, don't continue.  If you like them, keep reading, as this series rewards you as you go along.   


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