The Walking Dead

I believe I am going to stop reading The Walking Dead series. I finished No Way Out, volume 14, 2 days ago and there is a particular image, a shocking one, that I can't get out of my head. I am incredibly thankful that the series is in black and white, not color. Now, the comic was fine, and it does advance the story whereas i felt the last one didn't. We find out about Rick's motivations, see how he grows as a leader by the end, and learn more of the dynamics of this new group. But, damn, this one was disturbing. Without going into too spoilery of territory, I felt early on that Something Bad was going to happen and even thought I had figured out the form the Something Bad would take. I wasn't completely wrong, i guessed the right event but not the how of it, and the art showing's stuck in my head. I had the hardest time going to sleep the night i finished it because the image just kept popping up.

now, i can't say i am definitely not going to read the next book. After all, this volume just came out in June, it will probably be another 4 months or so before the next is out, plus another month or two before I can get it from the library. Reading it will be a more deliberate act instead of a given and I will make certain i'm in a good mental place before I start it. I'm torn on a rating, for story i'd probably say 6, but i think i have to drop it to a 4 for unbalancing me so. :(

As for other things, this morning i finished my first week of classes as a graduate student. I've got 2 required classes this semester: Information Representation and Organization AND Information Access and Retrieval. I wanted to take the third required course but got stuck on the waitlist as I registered late. I'm going to learn a ton and I can tell already i'll be a bit busy.

Blog related, i've got a backlog of reviews! I've been reading plenty, just not posting. I've been doing overtime at work and last weekend was orientation so i had to actually go to Knoxville. Most of those posts I have started; as I finish them i will load them as of the day I finished the book. wish me luck!


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