Beginning a Reread

I've finished the Aubrey/Maturin series!  But that also meant I did not have an audio book on deck for commuting.  So I decided to do a reread of the Harry Potter series as I haven't read them all in a row yet.  

I finished up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, read by Jim Dale.  He's a fabulous voice actor.  I had slightly forgotten how intricate the books were that took place during the school year and all the little details that got left out of the movies, like Peeves.  a very good way to start a reread.  a 7 of course!


  1. I've always heard how fabulous Jim Dale is, but I've never listened to anything he's narrated! Thanks for the reminder. I'm almost positive I can get one of the HPs from my library downloads.

  2. Emiliano has been reading the HPs to me by phone since the beginning of the summer. We are about half way through Azkaban. If I do not read along in my own books . . . I get distracted by my own brain . . . For E and Lucia's July birthdays I made them both black and maroon Griffindor robes (and also one for L's American Girl doll). They wore them when we went to the last movie for part of L's party. I bet Jim Dale is a very different narration from E's . . . but I must say that E's rendition is very good for an 11 year old!


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