The Book of Three

I started The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander because B and I were talking about books that were favorites when we were children.  He mentioned this series as being one he enjoyed.  I missed a good number of children's books as a kid and I have been slowly filling in the series that I missed.  

Taran is an Assistant Pig-Keeper and dreams of adventures.  The pig is Hen Wen, who can prophecy the future.  One day Hen Wen escapes from her enclosure and Taran chases after her into the forest.  There he narrowly misses falling into the clutches of the Horned King, a sort of Nazgul or Lich King who's pretty scary sounding.  He then meets Prince Gwydion, his hero, looking a not very heroic Rangerish.  Gwydion was coming to consult Hen Wen but now must warn the kingdom of the threat of the Horned King.  When he and Taran become separated, Taran takes up the quest and begins to grow up. 

I would say this one is a 6.  While many of the tropes are familiar, Alexander stirs in so much fun humor that the characters become really wonderful to read about.  I will be picking up the next book when I get a chance!


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