BTT for 9/15/11

an "of course" question!

 I know I did that a good bit when i was a kid.  I remember reading Gone with the Wind back to back in high school, and The Westing Game when I was a bit younger.  I've also done it with series; I know i read the first four books of Anne Rice's vampire series then read them all again.  More recently, I listened to The Lord of the Rings  a couple years ago then relistened immediately.  I don't do it too much anymore as there are so many books I want to read!

also, Happy Birthday to a great guy who will always be my little brother, though now he's 31, married with 3 kids!


  1. Yes, although I did it much more often as a youth. I remember reading the novelization of Return of the Jedi multiple times in a row. I would also read the first three Stainless Steel Rat books that way. When I was an adolescent I would occasionally find books at the library where I would fall madly in love with the female protagonist in the story and would start right over with it when I finished. One of those books was Angel Baker, Thief.

    More recently I read Among Others by Jo Walton and Enhanted Night by Steven Millhauser and immediately upon closing them I turned back to page one and read them aloud to my wife.

  2. Among Others was fabulous. My problem was that I wanted to then read every book mentioned in it!


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