Ever Fold Yourself?

I read The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold in about 90 minutes.  It is short at only about 140 pages and is written in a sort of diary style.  

Daniel is a young man living in 1975 L.A.  When his uncle Jim, the man who raised him, dies, Daniel receives a box containing a Time Belt.  It allows the wearer to move back and forth in time.  Daniel starts small, just jumping a few minutes into the future.  When he makes a bigger jump and meets himself, he begins to wonder about the nature of time and reality that he's playing with.

i didn't dislike this book but i can't say i liked it either.  There were a few plot potholes and i didn't particularly like Daniel.  I kept feeling like there was a big error somewhere that i couldn't spot.  There are some moments that reminded me of Lost, at least the fifth season with all the jumping about in it.  again, not bad, so i will say it's a 4. 


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