Lost Books

No, I haven't lost any personally.  In fact, since i'm in school i think i've found a few extra!  I did finish reading a book B got for me for my birthday (in July, yeah i am slow sometimes) called The Book of Lost Books: An Incomplete History of All the Great Books You'll Never Read by Stuart KellyI'm not going to read that whole 1001 books list, so why not dream bigger?

This book is about, well, books that don't exist anymore or never did. Starting waaaaay back with Anonymous, who wrote tons of stuff that we don't have and don't know we don't have, through the Greeks and Romans, which can be particularly heartbreaking as we get lots of references to people's "best" lists where the only thing we know is an author and title, down through the Middle Ages, Shakespeare, then the Renaissance, Goethe, Coleridge, Dostoyevsky, through Kafka, Hemingway and Sylvia Plath, there is so much that has been lost, destroyed, or intended but never written.  I think the stories of the ones destroyed by the author or the author's family are so intriguing.  I wish that I had that drive to write and to have it, then destroy the product, sounds so shocking.  

I have a teensy quibble.  I think that books that are started but not finished due to the author's death are certainly "lost" but I kinda disagree that the book someone just talked about writing (like the sequel to Don Quixote) but never get to aren't really lost.  I mean, i could say that i intend to write a four volume sci-fi series with themes of ambition, fear and the nature of freedom; just because i do not do it doesn't make it a lost book to me.  

I did like it though and it gets a 5.  

UPDATE:  Archimedes book gets found!


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