To Kill a Mockingbird

I haven't read this book in years.  I was wandering through McKay's and saw the gigantic stack of mass market paperbacks of To Kill a Mockingbird, still with the exact same cover that I had on mine...eek, 23 years ago, and decided I needed to read it again.

I was lucky as a child; when I had required novels for school I almost always liked them (a glaring exception being a senior year read of The Scarlet Letter).  I was the sort of kid that, when given an excerpt of a novel in our literature book, would then proceed to go read the actual novel, just for fun.  Yes, i could be that nerdy at times.  Anyone else? 

Back to classic American literature.  I remembered parts of the story, the main plot but had forgotten a lot of little moments.  I had forgotten about Aunt Alexandra altogether, though i did remember Scout's cussing causing Uncle Jack to learn a good deal about children.  This book has such rich, realistic characters, you feel you know them as people.  I got teary at the end, which I am sure did not happen when I read it originally.  A definite must read and, if you haven't read it in 20 years, well worth the reread.

I am going to count this for RIP.  Why? well, racism is scary, and the end takes place on Halloween.  so there!


  1. Definitely a good RIP book. I had not read this as a child in school and for many years my wife tried to get me to read it. It is her favorite book. I steadfastly resisted, largely because I had this idea in my head what the book was about and was going to be like and it didn't appeal to me at all. A few years back I found a lovely hardback copy of this book and decided to buy it for her for her birthday. I then decided that an even better gift would be to read it so that I could discuss it with her.

    I was blown away by how wonderful the book was and how it was nothing like what I thought it would be. I've since seen the great Gregory Peck movie and seen a wonderful live performance of the play. This is a classic worth reading.

  2. see, that is why guys who read are awesome! That is a really sweet birthday present and i am also glad you didn't hate it!

  3. Me too, wouldn't that have been horrible if I had? I'm not sure I would have ever told her I read it if I had, LOL!


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