BTT for 10/20/11

Do your reading habits change when you’re on vacation? Do you read more? Do you indulge in lighter, fluffier books than you usually read? Do you save up special books so you’ll be able to spend real vacation time with them? Or do you just read the same old stuff, vacation or not? 

Vacation?  what is that?  seriously.  I love my family but my vacations consist of going to visit them, as they live so far away.  I had gotten a teensy bit spoiled at the old job too, i was up to like 4 1/2 weeks vacation a year, since i'd been there so long and sick time could be used for vacation instead.  Summer 2010 I got to go to meet most of B's family in New York which was fun but too short a trip.  This summer we went to Louisiana for about a week.  This winter for Christmas we will be headed to Vermont and i've got like 12 days off total, which will be great.  But with family visiting, other than the getting there bit, whether flying or driving, you don't usually get a lot of time to read.  You visit!

so, to the question.  It is entirely situational.  I know I took a book for the summer trip, i believe i was working on getting through a reread of George RR Martin's series before the new book came out.  This winter I will be reading books for next semester as I am going to take Resources and Services for Children which involves reading a dozen or so children's/middle grade books.  We also have a pretty long drive, TN to VT is about 1050 miles.  B and I are already discussing a couple audio books we may take; it might be time for me to listen to the BBC audio Lord of the Rings!  

I have learned that the best way to get through a plane ride is to make sure I have a fully absorbing book to read.  Last summer The Girl Who Played with Fire and a couple of mysteries made my flights, heh, fly by.  I'm not a good flyer yet so having something really engaging, whether fiction or non-fiction, is pretty important.  Sometimes that means fluffier stuff, sometimes not.  

so, honestly, on a vacation, i look at whatever i need to read then add in whatever i feel like reading until i have a proper amount of books!  I don't save up books to read on vacation and i wouldn't say my habits change much.  


  1. Our 'vacations' almost always consist of planning something low key and local simply because one of the things Mary and I both want to do during our time off is read. Not that we haven't enjoyed sight-seeing type vacations in the past, but at this point in our lives we would much rather do a four hour drive to the wine part of MO and find a nice quiet B&B where we can sip wine and read.

  2. B would enjoy a drink wine and read weekend...of course, that is rather what he does on his days off! :)


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