I've tried several times to read Emma.  I just couldn't get past really not liking the main character and then i would just stop after a couple of chapters.  I finally got it read on audio. 

I really liked this book, though it took a while to get into it. The plot was solid but it has some of the most annoying characters with Harriet, Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Elton.  Long sections with any of those rather dragged.  It was probably a good choice by the reader to do Harriet's voice as this breathy confusion, Mrs. Bates as onelongsentence, and Mrs. Elton as rather snide.  However, parts with them got annoying.   I can recommend this one as it has a great ending but it isn't my favorite Jane Austen book by any means.  I am going with a 5. 


  1. I fell in love with the Gwyneth Paltrow movie adaptation back in high school and I just got around to reading the novel a year or two ago. I didn't love the novel as much as P&P, and I still have a good bit of Austen to go.

    Mr. Elton is supremely annoying.

  2. This was my last Austen. I would say it is probably my least favorite. Persuasion is very good if you haven't read it.

  3. I'm with Andi in that I fell in love with the character because of the Paltrow movie, so reading it was much more pleasurable because I kept picturing characters from that film.

    I still need to read Persuasion. I really like the more recent film version of it with Sally Hawkins.

  4. hmm, well, I thought Alicia Silverstone was cute in Clueless, which is based on Emma, so that's kinda the same thing? I've not seen the GP Emma. I've been thinking it over and think Mansfield Park is actually my least favorite. They are all fine books though and i do wish i had another half-dozen to read.

  5. Clueless is really a fun version of Emma. But the period piece version with Paltrow is a good one to check out as well.


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