Movies again

Ponyo- I've seen several of this guy's movies and i have to say Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle are better. a 5.

The Adjustment Bureau- not bad. 5.

Battle: LA: ok. 5.

Sucker Punch: sweeeeeet. 6

Insidious: really? 3

Thor: hubba hubba!  6

Paul: very very funny. 6. 

Hannah: weird.  it seemed like a book where the second chapter and second to last chapter, the ones that explain the backstory and such, were removed.  a 4.

Doctor Who series 5: so so fun.   I have a crush on Amy Pond. and maybe bow ties and fezzes are cool.  Eleven isn't as cute as Ten, but he does have his moments.  a 6.


  1. It is awful easy to crush on Amy Pond! Very cute! I enjoyed Season 5 and the first half of Season 6 was awesome! Can't wait for the second half to come out on DVD tomorrow. I will be picking it up right away.

    Sucker Punch is a really fun movie for what it is. It wasn't trying to be some deep movie. It kept its tongue firmly planted in cheek and because of that the visuals weren't the only good thing about it.

    I thought Adjustment Bureau was great. Saw it in the theater. Fun.

    Ponyo was so odd but I did really enjoy it. Not my favorite of his films either, but one I am glad I took the time to watch.

    Thor was surprisingly good. I didn't expect much out of it, which may have helped, but I enjoyed it much more than X-Men First Class, which felt like a retread of the first X-Men film only with a younger cast.

    Captain America was my favorite of the superhero flicks this year and is one of the best of the last several years.


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