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End of Year Tally and Best List

ok, here i go!
Total Books: 98
Library Books: 70
Graphic Novels: 12
Non-Fiction: 15
Audio books: 35

Vintage Mystery Challenge: 9
Science Book Challenge: 3
Once Upon a Time 5: 4
2011 Challenge: 11
Shakepeare Challenge: 5
Off the Shelf  Challenge: 4

wow, so challenges this year...ugh.  I was going ok until school started then tanked.  I haven't even looked at any challenges for next year either.   since i don't plan on finishing any other book before midnight, i suppose this tally will stand for my total.

Best Ofs:

I really had a fabulous year reading wise.  and life wise for that matter.

meeting my new baby niece Lily and hearing her 5 year old brother say "sometimes i just forget to give her kisses!" in a tone of dismay.  starting graduate school and finding out i got in on the drive back from Louisiana.meeting more of B's extended family and spending a nice long Christmas vacation in Vermont, with snow, lots and lots of snow!Catching Romeo and Juliet at Shakespea…


X-Men First Class: enjoyed it, didn't like the Moira Mactaggert character being so un-canon. 6.

Breaking Dawn: fun, ok? just because i think the people are lovely doesn't mean i agree with the subtext. 5

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows: fun as well, not as good as the first one. 5.

Winning Season: Sam Rockwell coaches girl's basketball, funny. 5.

No, I don't have kids

but I am in the process of thinking about if i want kids.  I seesaw back and forth.  To me, and B, it is the ultimate Big Deal and not to be entered into lightly.  B and I have talked and talked and we still haven't come to a decision.  Among many many other considerations, I wonder about my own philosophy and how that would translate into raising kids.  So when I saw Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide to Parenting Beyond Belief by Dale McGowan, Mollen Matsumura, Amanda Metskas and Jan Devor I decided it might be an interesting read. 

I was right.  This book is a tips and activities book with ideas on things to do to help kids retain that curiosity and still learn to think critically.  i would say i could recommend this book even though i can't put any of it into practice myself.  It has given me ideas for stuff to give to the nieces and nephews. a 6.

Btt for 12/8/11

All things being equal, which would you prefer–a mystery? Or a love story?

A mystery, duh!  love stories are so not my thing.  That is all. 

oh and i've gotten one of my final grades...and i got an A!  Whee!


I received  The Western Lit Survival Kit: An Irreverant Guide to the Classics from Homer to Faulkner by Sandra Newman from Librarything's Early Reviewer group.  Unfortunately, i didn't like it very much. it was just too snarky.  i suppose I just had the impression that the author didn't really want anyone to read many of the books mentioned.  ah well.

Harry Potter 6

On this reread/listen to the Harry Potter series, i really enjoyed the Half Blood Prince.  I certainly think it isn't the best title, though i don't know what else would be better.  Harry Potter and the Lessons with Dumbledore?  Harry Potter and Ron's Hot Sister?  not sure.