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Today I read Unwritten Volume 4: Leviathan by Mike Carey and Peter Gross.  I loved where the story went in this volume.  It was definitely compressed in time compared to some of the earlier volumes which take place over many days.  Tom gets sucked into the story of Moby Dick while Lizzy and Savoy have to deal with their own problems.  Bit of a cliffhanger at the end!  I can't request volume 5 from the library until after April 1 as i'm still working on the TBR dare...I'm doing well, even if i've only read like 6 books.

Shakespeare, with Football Player

Last night i watched Julius Caesar at Belmont's Troutt Theater, put on by the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.  Eddie George, Heisman Trophy winner, ex-Titan running back, etc, played Julius Caesar.  Yeah, really!  And just in case you haven't read or seen the play, there will be spoilers. 

Now, i've read Caesar.  I'm not sure why it's one of the ones they teach high school students as I don't know there is much they would relate to.  Having read it, i knew that it is really about Brutus, that Caesar isn't in it very much.  There's a lot of scheming behind his back so he's not onstage and then he dies halfway through.  So knowing that I didn't expect too much from Eddie George.  I was really pleasantly surprised.  He really projected leadership and strength and confidence.  Having Caesar be so physically imposing (George is like 6' 4" and broader than any other actor on stage) certainly made you feel like he was a warrior and a leader of…

Foundation and Empire

I finished Foundation and Empire by Issac Asimov today.  Unlike the first book, this one only had 2 stories in it.  The first deals with a character we heard about at the end of Foundation and is from the perspective of the Empire.  The second deals with a new threat to the Foundation: a mutant so powerful he may derail the Plan.  I'm very glad there was a heroine finally.  I did not like the time gaps though.  There would be a chapter where the characters were leaving a planet, then the next chapter they had been on the new planet 6 months.  Because of this jumping about, there were several infodumps which weren't exactly the best part.  Asimov did a very good job of showing the atmosphere of fear and dread and apprehension.  overall, i would say a 5.  on to the Second Foundation!

Saturday night!

Just a random stuff post.
Unfortunately, the Saints lost.  Fortunately, the Patriots have mashed the Bronco's into dust..hee hee. 
Did one of my favorite things of the new year today: sat down with my calendar and Entertainment Weekly's upcoming cool stuff issue and wrote out when all the awesome movies are coming out this year...looks like a good summer.

I am loving my touchscreen netbook B got me for Christmas...he is wonderful.

Lovely essay on Christopher Hitchens by Salman Rushdie.

School has started again!  Due to my own awful screwup, I am just taking 2 classes, one of which i hadn't wanted to take yet, Information Technology.  On the plus side, i hope my blogging and computer repair skills will markedly increase.  My other class, Information Environment, is one of the required ones but looks really interesting...lots of writing and reading.  

Still on the TBR Dare but making a list of the books that are going on my library list on April 1st...or when I cave.

ok, gotta g…

BTT for 1/12/12

But enough about interviewing other people. It’s time I interviewed YOU. 1. What’s your favorite time of day to read?      hmm, my usual time of day is evenings.  anytime is good though!
2. Do you read during breakfast? (Assuming you eat breakfast.)     during the week i usually eat breakfast at work and on the weekend i am usually chatting with B, so no.  I used to when i lived alone.  
3. What’s your favorite breakfast food? (Noting that breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day.)       I make some darn good French Toast...add on some turkey sausage, some hash brown casserole, 1 glass OJ and 1 cup coffee for the perfect breakfast.
4. How many hours a day would you say you read?     It varies.  some days 30 mins, some weekend days hours and hours. 5. Do you read more or less now than you did, say, 10 years ago?     hmm, i didn't keep track 10 years ago...about the same, maybe a bit more?  i really couldn't say.  I read more mindfully now though. 
6. Do you consider yours…

Good Evening!

I finishedFoundation by Issac Asimov today.  I've read this one before, way back in 2008 according to this very blog!    

Hari Seldon is a brilliant man.  He's a psychohistorian, which means he analyzes historical sociology and psychology and predicts the future.  Not even predicts exactly, he works out mathematically what WILL happen.  And not so he can stop it, it can't be stopped.  He creates the Foundation because the Galactic Empire (which i really can't read without thinking of Vader and his wrinkly grey buddy) is going to fall within 500 years.  The Foundation will be a repository for man's knowledge so that instead of having galactic anarchy for thousands of years, it will only last a few hundred.  This setup is explained in the first story.  The rest of the book describes how his followers' descendants are dealing with the various crises the galaxy throws at them. 

I still liked the book on the reread.  This time around, it reminded me of Doctor Who as …

Seven Percent

This book came in on my hold list and so became the first book i started in 2012.  I must have stuck it on the library list after seeing Sherlock 2 or at least reading a review...or maybe it was from's Holmes for the Holidays coverage?  Either way, Nicholas Meyer's The Seven-Per-cent Solution is a fun, fast Holmes read.    Meyers explains "The Final Solution" was pure fiction from Watson to hide Holmes' recovery from a cocaine addiction.  Watson tricks Holmes into going to Vienna, where they meet Sigmund Freud who treats Holmes' addiction.  As he recovers, Holmes is drawn into a mystery when Freud is consulted regarding a strange patient who attempted suicide.  

The writing is good and the characterizations believable with the Canon.  The mystery wasn't particularly devious or tricky but I enjoyed it. Great chase scenes and interesting to watch Holmes deal with a city and country with which he is not intimately familiar.  overall, a 5. 

currently: …

Finishing Harry Potter again

I started listening to Harry Potter 7 on audio book before we left for Vermont for Christmas and then finished the last 3 CD's this week.  In between, because I got parts 1 and 2 for Christmas and there was a wonderful cold snowy day where we all cocooned in the TV room, I watched the movie.  Don't know that i've ever rewatched a movie while i was rereading a book.  It was an interesting experience.  There was a constant comparison going through my head: this was better in the book, that looks amazing, they changed was strange.  For Christmas i also received the gigantic page to screen coffee table book.  it is really beautiful but i haven't read it yet, just poured over the lovely pics.  Got to get to that one soon!

in other news, there is going to be a Science Book Challenge for 2012.  3 Sciencey books for me.  wonder if there are any on my TBR?  hmmm

So I am riding back to Tennessee

from Vermont.  Vacations always have to end :(  i set this post yesterday to go up while we were driving.

I rather bombed on challenges last year.  Added to that, i did a bit of rereading and my unread book pile just got bigger and bigger.  According to my Librarything list,  I have 170 books on my to read list!  ugh! Throw in the books I received for Christmas and the gift card i've yet to spend and that's at least 4 more.  I wandered about on A Novel Challenge and couldn't find too many I got excited about.  So many challenges also seem to be about points and require posting, following, calculating, choosing books in advance, etc, i.e. far more work than i want to put into my reading. 

I am going to sign up for the 2012 End of the World reading Challenge over on Insatiable Booksluts.  To work on the pile, i'll also be trying to make it to April 1st without getting anymore new books or adding anything to the library list with C.B. @  Ready When You Are's TBR Double…