Finishing Harry Potter again

I started listening to Harry Potter 7 on audio book before we left for Vermont for Christmas and then finished the last 3 CD's this week.  In between, because I got parts 1 and 2 for Christmas and there was a wonderful cold snowy day where we all cocooned in the TV room, I watched the movie.  Don't know that i've ever rewatched a movie while i was rereading a book.  It was an interesting experience.  There was a constant comparison going through my head: this was better in the book, that looks amazing, they changed was strange.  For Christmas i also received the gigantic page to screen coffee table book.  it is really beautiful but i haven't read it yet, just poured over the lovely pics.  Got to get to that one soon!

in other news, there is going to be a Science Book Challenge for 2012.  3 Sciencey books for me.  wonder if there are any on my TBR?  hmmm


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