Good Evening!

I finished Foundation by Issac Asimov today.  I've read this one before, way back in 2008 according to this very blog!    

Hari Seldon is a brilliant man.  He's a psychohistorian, which means he analyzes historical sociology and psychology and predicts the future.  Not even predicts exactly, he works out mathematically what WILL happen.  And not so he can stop it, it can't be stopped.  He creates the Foundation because the Galactic Empire (which i really can't read without thinking of Vader and his wrinkly grey buddy) is going to fall within 500 years.  The Foundation will be a repository for man's knowledge so that instead of having galactic anarchy for thousands of years, it will only last a few hundred.  This setup is explained in the first story.  The rest of the book describes how his followers' descendants are dealing with the various crises the galaxy throws at them. 

I still liked the book on the reread.  This time around, it reminded me of Doctor Who as opposed to heist movies.  All three have a way of seeming to show you what's happening, but you don't quite get everything, until the end when everything crystallizes into coolness.  I am going to close with the same quote I used in my first review:

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent"


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