Saturday night!

Just a random stuff post.

Unfortunately, the Saints lost.  Fortunately, the Patriots have mashed the Bronco's into dust..hee hee. 

Did one of my favorite things of the new year today: sat down with my calendar and Entertainment Weekly's upcoming cool stuff issue and wrote out when all the awesome movies are coming out this year...looks like a good summer.

I am loving my touchscreen netbook B got me for Christmas...he is wonderful.

Lovely essay on Christopher Hitchens by Salman Rushdie.

School has started again!  Due to my own awful screwup, I am just taking 2 classes, one of which i hadn't wanted to take yet, Information Technology.  On the plus side, i hope my blogging and computer repair skills will markedly increase.  My other class, Information Environment, is one of the required ones but looks really interesting...lots of writing and reading.  

Still on the TBR Dare but making a list of the books that are going on my library list on April 1st...or when I cave.

ok, gotta go see if i can download Match of the Day, a BBC show about the Premier League.


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