Seven Percent

This book came in on my hold list and so became the first book i started in 2012.  I must have stuck it on the library list after seeing Sherlock 2 or at least reading a review...or maybe it was from's Holmes for the Holidays coverage?  Either way, Nicholas Meyer's The Seven-Per-cent Solution is a fun, fast Holmes read.    Meyers explains "The Final Solution" was pure fiction from Watson to hide Holmes' recovery from a cocaine addiction.  Watson tricks Holmes into going to Vienna, where they meet Sigmund Freud who treats Holmes' addiction.  As he recovers, Holmes is drawn into a mystery when Freud is consulted regarding a strange patient who attempted suicide.  

The writing is good and the characterizations believable with the Canon.  The mystery wasn't particularly devious or tricky but I enjoyed it. Great chase scenes and interesting to watch Holmes deal with a city and country with which he is not intimately familiar.  overall, a 5. 

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