Quite Contrary

The high ambition, therefore, seems to me to be this: That one should strive to combine the maximum of impatience with the maximum of skepticism, the maximum of hatred fo injustice and irrationality with the maximum of ironic self-criticism.  this would mean really deciding to learn from history rather than invoking or sloganising it--Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian

I finished Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens this morning.  I need to read more Hitchens.  I read God is not Great several years ago and liked it.  I loved it actually, as it is strident and unapologetic.  I'm not the contrarian or the arguer; it isn't in my makeup.  I do, however, enjoy hearing those who are argue for me.  This book is a short series of letters on how to be a contrarian.  Hitchens give advice on reading, experiences to collect, traveling, how to cultivate the skepticism and anti-crap detector everyone really needs.   I really enjoyed this one and, once April 1st rolls around and i can add things to my library list again, intend to read another collection of his essays.  a 6.


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