Anya's Ghost

I wanted to like this more than I did.  Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol is about a girl, a high school Russian immigrant who doesn't feel she fits in.  While skipping school, she falls down a well and discovers it is haunted by the ghost of a young woman, Emily, who died about 80 years before.  When Anya gets out, a teensy bone ends up in her backpack so the ghost can follow her.  Anya's freaked at first but as the ghost helps her cheat on tests and helps her become more popular, Anya invites Emily into her life.  

Emily begins to show a dark side when Anya won't go along with all her plans.  And when Anya finds out about Emily's true past, things get messy.

I don't know why but it did not work for me.  Something just didn't click.  maybe because i did not really identify with Anya and her family?  Her little brother was cute though.  A 4 but it is really highly praised so don't let my meh-ness turn you off the book!


  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy it more than you did. I really loved it when I read it last year. But I think things graphic novels, maybe even more than a book, are so much about timing. I was so in the mood for a good graphic novel when I read it and I LOVED the art which made a huge difference in the experience for me.

  2. I usually really like graphic novels so it was strange to not really like one. Mood does have to do with a lot!


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