Crazy Russians!

"All true Russians are philosophers" Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

guess that explains me!  I didn't like the book though.  Perhaps it is because I listened to it and it really seemed as if it would never ever end.  The book was 28 cds long; there was a whole cd that was just a story, an allegory i guess, told by one of the characters.  There's another cd that is the life story of a character that's dead.  There are some children introduced late in the novel that I still don't know why there were even there.  

I fully admit that, had i been reading this book for a class, i may have understood a lot more.  I would say that the book is about 3 brothers and how they relate to their father and each other.  When the father, Fyodor (who i thought was named Theodore as i was listening to the story) is murdered, the eldest brother is immediately suspected and the rest of the book is about the trial.  The murder doesn't take place until about halfway through the book though, so there is a lot of buildup.  Through that section of the story we are following Mischa, the brother who is accused of killing his father, and he didn't do it.

Unless the narrator is lying to us, which crossed my mind.  Once the murder took place, i began suspecting everyone: the crazy woman who's betrothed to Mischa, all 3 brothers, the servant and the narrator!  I suspected pretty much every named character who wasn't 100% sure to be out of town or dead at one point.  it was actually rather frustrating.

And the book came across as very anti-atheist.  While i can comprehend it is a product of its times, i got annoyed with all the "you can't be good without God" talk.  Because, of course, no one who believes in God has ever done anything really wrong.  I may be completely wrong; it could be that the author was ridiculing the position i thought it lauded.  In my listening though it didn't seem that way.

The women are all crazy too.  

I am glad I read this book and may one day read it on paper.  I think part of what I felt i was missing may have been due to me listening to the book.  The writing is incredibly beautiful and i did tear up just from the emotions and pathos of the story.  There are some really good bits but overall it just didn't work for me.  a 4. 


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