Good Omens

Good Omens was the first thing i ever read by Neil Gaiman.  I was in maybe 9th grade? I remember it was hilarious and I loved it.  After Good Omens, I moved onto Sandman and much later his other novels.  I always wanted to go back and reread Good Omens but i never did; i guess i was always a little concerned it wouldn't be quite as good as i remembered.  

It is as good, if not better. 

It's about the end of the world.  Crowley (a demon) and Aziraphale (an angel) team up to try to stop the apocalypse.  They focus their attentions on the wrong little boy as the Satanist nuns gave the Antichrist to the wrong couple to raise.  The right one, Adam, is raised by very normal parents in the English countryside.  We get the four motorcyclists of the Apocalypse, a good witch and an amateur witch finder, and Dog, the adorable hellhound with one ear that always sticks up.  Is God's plan ineffable or f***-upable? 

You should read it and, if you can, should try listening to it.  I listen to books at work sometimes and, as i listened to this one, found myself snorting and chuckling and trying not to laugh too loud.  It is clever, British humor clever, Douglas Adams and Doctor Who clever. 

a great big 7.


  1. I love Good Omens. It wasn't my first Gaiman, but it's probably one of my favorites.


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