What's going on with you?  Having a good year so far?  Learning anything interesting?  Reading any good books?  I fell off the TBR Dare recently.  It isn't entirely my fault as i suddenly found myself in need of a class of books that i never really thought i would use and therefore didn't own.  

i'm gonna get married.

B proposed a few weeks ago.  Our sleep and work schedules are very different so we do a lot of talking in bed as i'm going to sleep for the night.  We'd been talking about getting a house and maybe baby making for a bit now and he just asked.  I said yes.  We told our respective parents yesterday.  He kinda wanted to just get the parents together and go to the courthouse and, while i do like the idea, i want my best friend and my brothers and his sister and all their kids around too. I want our families to mingle and to dress our nieces as flower girls though that's about all the tradition i want. 

FYI, many wedding books are very, very old-fashioned.  Besides mostly being pink, they all have titles with "elegant", "stunning", "beautiful" and "chic" in the titles and i am none of those (B might argue the beautiful point).  Flipping through some i've seen advice like "talk with your parents about the budget" and "your job is too look your best".  Websites aren't much better with "your fairy-tale princess wedding" and "your magical day".  ugh.  Hey, i'm a grown-up.  I've been living out of my parents home for like 15 years now and I haven't asked for money in quite some time.  I do understand that, if one or both sets of parents are Community Figures then Certain Things may be Expected and many of the guests will be their friends, not yours.  In that situation, i do understand saying parents need to foot some of the bill.  But how many people are really in that type of situation?  

Best resource so far, for me?  The Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides was really a find for me; there is a book and a website. That was the first book i looked at that made me think there were grownups out there that get married, not just women somehow stuck at age 8. 

I am trying to get something put together for this summer, maybe outside, for about 30 people.  Anybody have any cheap ideas for places in/around Nashville?  Parthenon is looking nice and cheap but i am a touch worried about it being too hot for the whole thing to be outside. 

think i can include some portion of this piece of music in the wedding? 
Pic by Andrew Malone.


  1. Hey, congratulations!!!!!

    The music sounds a bit ominous four a wedding. ;-)

    I say make it your wedding. Ours was not a traditional wedding, to say the least, but it had many traditional elements. We were getting married after spending 12 plus years together so all the "We've only just begun" stuff you usually found in weddings didn't make sense. So we came up with a nice mix of celebrating what's already happened and what's yet to come.

    My best advice to you is to keep the wedding small enough that you can still have a good time at it. Even the small one we had, 45 guests, managed to put us both under intense pressure. I big wedding would have done us in. But on the other hand, if you want a big wedding, have a big wedding!

    Congratulations again.

  2. Thanks! The song is from Doctor Who and is actually about twice as long. It has a dreamy bit that i realize now isn't included in the part i posted which would probably be more wedding suited.

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  4. Congratulations! I did the small wedding thing, with a tropical theme, and I got married in red, because I always wanted to. Definitely do what YOU want for your wedding and don't let anyone talk you out of it. I'm not one bit sorry that I didn't go the traditional route. I wish I'd found that book you found when I was planning my wedding. Hope the planning goes well, and congrats again!

  5. Congratulations! I planned my wedding 2 yrs ago and The Offbeat Bride was a great resource. I would also recommend the site A Practical Wedding...

    It's wonderful for remembering what's important, the marriage, not just the wedding!

  6. Just spent 20 mins bumming around a Practical Wedding, that is a great site. thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Hey, congratulations!!! That is so exciting. I'm thrilled for you both. I'm sure whatever you plan will be special if you keep in mind that it is for the two of you. It is your moment and it is what you want that counts.


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