Bringing Up Bebe

I don't have kids at this point.  So, I'm not sure how Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman came up on my reading radar.  For whatever reason, i read a review and wanted to read the book!  Reading this book made me actually feel like I might could handle the motherhood thing.  Granted, it would be easier in France with paid leave and daycare and such, but I still feel like I could do it.  It also made me decide that, if i ever do have a kid, not to go online to a single pregnancy site.  I know myself and i will freak myself out. 

So there's also a theme that's mentioned in the book that i've also read around the web.  That's of men "helping" their wives with the kids and house.  Even my mom said something like "B's going to help you out right?"  For the longest i couldn't figure out why that irked me and then i read a post over on Offbeat Mama.  This post describes exactly how i feel.  "Helping" is what you do as a favor for someone.  If my best friend keeps my dog for the weekend while we go out of town, that's helping.  When B walks the dog, that's just taking care of the dog!  I think B and i are partners; one of us may do something more than the other, or be better at something than the other but we are sharing our lives.  I can't see why that won't continue on as we move along in our lives together.  

anyway, rant over.  I recommend this one, if just for the "living in France" aspect.  a 6. 


  1. I reviewed this book about a week ago and I was *very* surprised how engaged I was with the book. As someone who is not a parent and doesn't intend on becoming one, it made for pretty interesting reading.

    I like your point about "helping."


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