Btt for 4/5/12

I've been so slacking on blogging lately.  I blame it on school, overtime and trying to get my head around planning a wedding.  July 21 (or maybe 22 or 20) is the date!  

Here's the question:
Bookish Sarah asks:
If someone asked you for a book recommendation, what is the FIRST book you’d think to recommend (without extra thought)?

Short answer: none.

Long answer:  It's that "without extra thought" bit that gets me. If there was a specification of who was asking (your significant other, your best friend, your boss) then i could probably answer without a thought because i know them and know what they might like to read.  as the question just says "someone" i can only assume that it isn't someone i know well.  And i can't recommend a book to someone i don't know well without extra thought.

The thing is, i can recommend books all day.  Seriously.  especially if i've access to my phone as i can recall things and verify titles.  Snow Crash.  Cloud Atlas.  And Then There Were None.  Harry Potter.  The Moonstone.  Watchmen.  American Gods.  His Dark Materials.  but none of my raving and love for those books will make you like them if they just aren't for you.  I can think you're wrong of course but that's no help.  If i recommend the absolutely wrong thing to a person who's not a reader, it could put them off reading altogether!

At the minimum, i would have to ask 3 questions: what's your favorite book, what's the last book you read and did you like that one? with those 3 answers, i can take a pretty good try.  unless the answers are historical romance novels or all Bill O'reilly/Ann Coulter books.  Then i'm lost.



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