Not so much

I didn't particularly care for When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro.  It's the story of a man, Christopher Banks, who grows up in Shanghai in the 20's.  When he's ten, both his parents disappear within a few months and he goes to live with his aunt in England.  He goes off to school and university then becomes a detective.  When he's about 30, on the eve of World War 2, he returns to Shanghai to find out what happened to his parents.  

The story is told in three or four flashbacks.  We get some of his early life as a flashback when he's in his early 20's, more in his mid 20's, then the detecting in Shanghai is told in flashback sometime after the events happen.  I wanted to know about his cases as he became a detective but there was not much about them.  Much of the story was also not at all believable.  When Christopher goes to Shanghai, close to 20 years after his parents disappeared, everyone, including Christopher, expect him to find his parents alive!  No one even seems to think that, after all this time and they haven't shown up anywhere, that they might be dead.  There are a few reasons people get kidnapped or disappear and almost none of them involve being held but kept healthy and alive for 20 years.  

So this book gets a 4 from me.  I do like Ishiguro's style though and will try something else by this author.


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