Clouds of Witness

Soo, I am just throwing up a quickie for this book.  I enjoyed Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers. it is the second book in the Wimsey series.  In this one, Wimsey's sister's fiance is found dead by Wimsey's brother.  Brother is then charged with the murder and the book consists of Wimsey attempting to determine what happened.  It's a neat, clever book and worth it if you enjoy old English mysteries. 

What have I been up to?  Wish I could still say school, but that finished up on May 1.  Got at least 1 A, not sure about 2nd class yet. Wish I could say the wedding is planned but it isn't.  Ive been watching a good bit of TV, messing around on the web and working a bit of overtime.  There's also a book i read but can't remember so that one should be in one of my gaps.  I've started a couple that i didn't finish.  Oh, and B's sister came in town and he and she ran the half marathon, so that was a weekend gone there.  I haven't been productive at all!  as part of having summer off, i do plan on making sure i keep up the blog!  I kinda miss it.  i've been reading a good number of blogs but haven't really been participating much.  Ah well.  

oh, and watch Sherlock!


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