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Hitchhiker's 3 and 4

 I've been listening to these on audio and really enjoying them.  Martin Freeman (Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's movie) does a great job reading.  I did like Life, the Universe, and Everything way more than So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish .  Life had a bigger, grander story while So Long is a smaller tale and never gives us an explanation for the new Earth. I did like the Rain God, which i remembered but thought i had read in a Neil Gaiman book.  I give part 3 a 6 an part 4 a 4.  

mid year summary

page count for End of the World Challenge: 7642.  that doesn't count my rereads, graphic novels, or a couple that i started in 2011. so yeah, i bombed on the blogging challenge this month.  I went 2 days before i realized i had forgotten.  In my defense, this week we: met with a realtor and a bank dude to start looking at houses, put our invitations together (which involved much cutting, pasting, inserting, writing, stamping (with stamps and with wax) and collating) and my mom came in town so i had to clean a little.  stuff is starting to come together for the wedding.  Thinking about having a friend of a friend cater with Cajun food then adding in my own red beans and rice, vegetarian version. throw in salad and bread and fruit and that's a meal right? *sigh*


I've read various short stories by Bradbury over the years and he wrote two of my favorites: Something Wicked This Way Comes and Fahrenheit 451 .  I picked up The Martian Chronicles and read it over the last couple days as it was the only one I had in the house.  I also read "The Sound of Thunder", one of Bradbury's short stories.    I liked The Martian Chronicles but it seemed a bit disjointed.  Some of the chapters were previous short stories and those chapters were actually the very best.  "And The Moon Be Still As Bright" and "The Night Meeting"  were both very good; "Usher II" was a wonderful creepy story, both for the censorship it details and the house on Mars.  On a whole the book has that very dreamy feeling that all old sci-fi seems to have.  a 5 from me. Think I will try to pick up Dandelion Wine or The Halloween Tree . 

Torn and Unstoppable

I read Volumes 3 and 4 of the Astonishing X-Men, Torn and Unstoppable , and I am really glad I did.  There is action, fighting, torture, revenge, aliens, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles..heh, but true.   Anyway, in Torn much psychic craziness occurs and we find out what's up with the Hellfire Club.  In Unstoppable , crew gets transported to an alien world which has a prophecy that an X-Man will destroy it.  There are deaths and resurrections, people using their powers in interesting ways, someone without their power through the majority of the books, sex, and paper chains.  These books are not where I would start as a reader.  They reference a lot of previous events, some of which i read and a few i didn't but i was able to keep up.  If you read X-men through the 80's and 90's but haven't recently, you may enjoy these.  I did!


I can't believe i JUST found Dorothy Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey. I loved Agatha Christie in middle and high school and it is so surprising I never heard of this character and series.  Of course, there was no internet then and i wasn't the sort of kid to go ask a librarian for a recommendation.   Anyway, i finished The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club today.  Wimsey is brought in on a completely unsuspicious death to determine the exact time of death.  If the old General died before his equally old sister, the money goes to the sister's companion, if after, to the General's two sons.  Of course, events get curious and Wimsey has to use a good bit of his cleverness to figure it all out.  I certainly didn't guess who the killer was. I guess I like Wimsey because he's all competence and properness covered by quips and a bit of playing the buffoon.  He's clever and but haunted.  The setting is just so British it's a bit weird; it is like a fantasy no

BTT for 6/7

Here's the question: Favorite secondary characters? (Note the plural) and here's my answer! The Weasley Twins Armand from the Vampire Chronicles Naomi from The Eyes of the Dragon Ford Prefect The Marquis de Carabas from Neverwhere   Dogger from the Flavia de Luce books I'm having issues!  I keep thinking of main characters!


wasn't feeling too well today.  basically slept until noon, then coffee and more sinus meds and a few emails, then rewatched Aliens with B, and an episode of Mad Men (i've not seen any of it and B wanted me to watch the first episode) then some dinner and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  It was a fun movie;  I'm a big Simon Pegg fan.  I'll be off to bed soon!  Hope everyone is well!

Just Ugh

I really had about decided to book the place at Vandy even though it's twice the budget.  I just want to get something settled!  but now i'm looking at it again and that price doesn't even include dishes or tablecloths or napkins or anything!  So here's what we've got sorted: My dress My Best Woman's dress the flower girl dresses!   Invitation designed, just need to get the details finished so we can mail them boutonnieres ordered What B's wearing--decided, not purchased Cupcakes pricing. Photographer Yes, i know that I'm doing the easy stuff.   the cheap stuff.  But dammit, this shit is hard!  Every place i've found that i've liked isn't reasonable, is booked, or doesn't allow alcohol.  So: future guests, i'm thinking you're going to have to prepare to be warm! 

Astonishing Vol 2

I so love the library!  Picked up Volume 2 and tore through it late last night.  Ever wonder what would happen if the Danger Room's computer had a body?  and was pissed?  If so, pick up this volume. Action packed with a quick appearance by the Fantastic Four and the Avengers get name dropped.  Still lots of Cyclops/Emma but there is certainly some foreshadowing....

Am I going to start reading X-Men again?

So i read the first collection of Astonishing X-men by Josh Whedon and John Cassaday. In this particular series, Jean Grey is dead and Xavier is not around.  Cyclops and Emma Frost are running the school and have brought in Beast, Wolverine and Shadowcat.  A rather strange grouping of x-Men if you ask me.  A colleague of Beast's announces to the world she has a cure for the "genetic disease" of mutation.  However, rather than developing it herself, she seems to have an alien backer who gave her this cure in an attempt to stop some sort of future doomsday on an his world.  He's a bad guy though. So, these aren't my favorites but i thought the story was solid.  When i read the comics, Kitty Pride wasn't in the US, she was over in Excalibur.  Emma Frost was a bad guy until right before i stopped following X-Men and i never really liked Cyclops.  Wolverine is exactly the same as i remember, as is Beast.  I'll be continuing this series.  a 5. I haven'
I am going to try to do NaBloPoMo this month.  Yes, it is a bit crazy for me to say I want to blog every day when i've barely been writing in here at all.  I do miss it though and miss the reading that went along with it.  So i am going to take a stab at making 30 (well, 28 after this one) posts in a row this month.  The theme is "Jump"; not sure how many posts i'll make along the topic.   So, to the wedding bitching!  :) Date is July 21.  set. period.  My dad gave me 3 weekends he was available this summer and that was the only one that didn't conflict with niece/nephew in NYC's school schedule or the best man's math conference.  My future sis-in-law has gotten a house to stay in, as has my parents and brother's family.  People have plane tickets! I still don't know where it is going to be!   We are having a small wedding. My guest list right now is 32 people, plus another dozen that may/may not come.  You would think it wouldn't be ha

I finished Bleak House!

Ugh.  I finally finished Bleak House by Charles Dickens.  I am going to lay off Dickens for a while.  I listened to this one on audio book and it just took forever.  It isn't necessarily that bad, just desperately in need of a good editor.  I had a tendency to forget who was who as there were so many characters, some of which would be gone for several chapters (or a couple cd's in my case) at a time.  And, other than the narrator Esther, i didn't really care much about them.  In truth, i knew i was really over this book when the adorable urchin died and my one thought was "yay, fewer characters/subplots!".  ah well.   I am going to cleanse my mental palate with some comics now.