Am I going to start reading X-Men again?

So i read the first collection of Astonishing X-men by Josh Whedon and John Cassaday. In this particular series, Jean Grey is dead and Xavier is not around.  Cyclops and Emma Frost are running the school and have brought in Beast, Wolverine and Shadowcat.  A rather strange grouping of x-Men if you ask me.  A colleague of Beast's announces to the world she has a cure for the "genetic disease" of mutation.  However, rather than developing it herself, she seems to have an alien backer who gave her this cure in an attempt to stop some sort of future doomsday on an his world.  He's a bad guy though.

So, these aren't my favorites but i thought the story was solid.  When i read the comics, Kitty Pride wasn't in the US, she was over in Excalibur.  Emma Frost was a bad guy until right before i stopped following X-Men and i never really liked Cyclops.  Wolverine is exactly the same as i remember, as is Beast.  I'll be continuing this series.  a 5.

I haven't read X-men in probably 17 years.  I really loved the comics in high school but once i started college my purchases tapered off and by my sophomore year i wasn't reading them anymore.  School work, real work, boyfriends, etc just sapped my dedication.  I still liked being "the girl who knew about comics" and certainly benefited from it a few times but I probably didn't read any for 8 years.  Then i slowly started getting back in via graphic novels.  I started with Sandman, then read some Alan Moore.  I read Y: The Last Man and liked The Walking Dead before the series came on tv. What made me pick up X-men again? had a column of "stuff to read if you loved the Avengers movie" and said the Whedon/Cassaday run on X-men was quite good. 

there's also been a discussion rolling around my sci-fi reading groups: are superhero comics sci-fi or fantasy? I have to think most of them are sci-fi.  The characters have genetic mutations (X-men), the result of successful experiments or unforseen accidents (Hulk, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Captain America), are aliens (Superman, Thor) or are geniuses with amazing technology (Batman, Iron Man). while most of the stories are supposed to take place "today" there is frequently futuristic technology used.  Comics often have the "wow" factor and optimistic tone of sci-fi as well.  While it may be someone's personal fantasy to be Superman or Spiderman, I don't think that is enough to define something as "fantasy".  just my opinion!


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