I am going to try to do NaBloPoMo this month.  Yes, it is a bit crazy for me to say I want to blog every day when i've barely been writing in here at all.  I do miss it though and miss the reading that went along with it.  So i am going to take a stab at making 30 (well, 28 after this one) posts in a row this month.  The theme is "Jump"; not sure how many posts i'll make along the topic.  

So, to the wedding bitching!  :)

Date is July 21.  set. period.  My dad gave me 3 weekends he was available this summer and that was the only one that didn't conflict with niece/nephew in NYC's school schedule or the best man's math conference.  My future sis-in-law has gotten a house to stay in, as has my parents and brother's family.  People have plane tickets!

I still don't know where it is going to be!  

We are having a small wedding. My guest list right now is 32 people, plus another dozen that may/may not come.  You would think it wouldn't be hard to find a place for 34 people (gotta count me and B!) to have a bit of dancing and food and drinks in some air conditioning without being crazy expensive.  It is though.  The problem is even the smallest places i've found hold a minimum of about 100 people.  So they are priced for 100 people.  Now, if i was calling around 2 weeks before the date i might find someone to cut me a discount then but that is not what i want to do at all.  Then i also keep running into the issue of "no alcohol".  Seriously?  or your decent cost for the rental only covers 4 hours.  yeah, um, not enough time to decorate, have a reception, and clean up.  My Best Woman has been awesome and made us some amazing invitations but i need to give her a place to add in so we can send the darn things!

So, i've got a couple calls to make Monday, if those don't pan out then seems like we've got a coin flip:  move the time to like 5, rent a tent and everything and have it in the Best Woman's backyard or break out the credit card and rent the Vandy room.  



  1. We did our reception in my in-laws backyard and it was wonderful. No worries about being in and out at a certain time, or whether or not we could have alcohol, or whatever. We put up a small tent and a bunch of tables not under tents and got our caterer to cook on grills on the back patio. It was great. So I am definitely a big fan of the do-it-yourself backyard reception. Good luck!

  2. I just worry that it will be too ridiculous hot. Or will rain and be ridiculous hot and it'll just be awful.


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