I finished Bleak House!

Ugh.  I finally finished Bleak House by Charles Dickens.  I am going to lay off Dickens for a while.  I listened to this one on audio book and it just took forever.  It isn't necessarily that bad, just desperately in need of a good editor.  I had a tendency to forget who was who as there were so many characters, some of which would be gone for several chapters (or a couple cd's in my case) at a time.  And, other than the narrator Esther, i didn't really care much about them.  In truth, i knew i was really over this book when the adorable urchin died and my one thought was "yay, fewer characters/subplots!".  ah well.  

I am going to cleanse my mental palate with some comics now.


  1. Oh, Dickens, bless him. He was in need of an editor when it came to printing his serializations in a single volume. I read Bleak House for a college Dickens class and I don't think I finished it. We also referred to it as Bleak Fart, for reasons that are unclear to me now.


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