Just Ugh

I really had about decided to book the place at Vandy even though it's twice the budget.  I just want to get something settled!  but now i'm looking at it again and that price doesn't even include dishes or tablecloths or napkins or anything! 

So here's what we've got sorted:
  • My dress
  • My Best Woman's dress
  • the flower girl dresses!  
  • Invitation designed, just need to get the details finished so we can mail them
  • boutonnieres ordered
  • What B's wearing--decided, not purchased
  • Cupcakes pricing.
  • Photographer
Yes, i know that I'm doing the easy stuff.   the cheap stuff.  But dammit, this shit is hard!  Every place i've found that i've liked isn't reasonable, is booked, or doesn't allow alcohol.  So: future guests, i'm thinking you're going to have to prepare to be warm! 


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