mid year summary

page count for End of the World Challenge: 7642.  that doesn't count my rereads, graphic novels, or a couple that i started in 2011.

so yeah, i bombed on the blogging challenge this month.  I went 2 days before i realized i had forgotten.  In my defense, this week we: met with a realtor and a bank dude to start looking at houses, put our invitations together (which involved much cutting, pasting, inserting, writing, stamping (with stamps and with wax) and collating) and my mom came in town so i had to clean a little. 

stuff is starting to come together for the wedding.  Thinking about having a friend of a friend cater with Cajun food then adding in my own red beans and rice, vegetarian version. throw in salad and bread and fruit and that's a meal right?



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