I can't believe i JUST found Dorothy Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey. I loved Agatha Christie in middle and high school and it is so surprising I never heard of this character and series.  Of course, there was no internet then and i wasn't the sort of kid to go ask a librarian for a recommendation.  

Anyway, i finished The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club today.  Wimsey is brought in on a completely unsuspicious death to determine the exact time of death.  If the old General died before his equally old sister, the money goes to the sister's companion, if after, to the General's two sons.  Of course, events get curious and Wimsey has to use a good bit of his cleverness to figure it all out.  I certainly didn't guess who the killer was.

I guess I like Wimsey because he's all competence and properness covered by quips and a bit of playing the buffoon.  He's clever and but haunted.  The setting is just so British it's a bit weird; it is like a fantasy novel as it is just so different from what life is today.  Quite well written.  a high 5 from me.  


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