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The Dead Witness

So, over the last 6 weeks the only book reading I've done (as opposed to audiobook listening) has been from a collection of Victorian mysteries called The Dead Witness, edited by Michael Sims.  It's about 550 pages and includes short stories, excerpts from longer works, and even a bit from the news of the time regarding Jack the Ripper.
The collection starts with "The Secret Cell" by William Burton, which has apparently not been published since its original publication in 1837.  It isn't the strongest story but is a good start.  Sims proceeds chronologically and brings in some rare stories from outside the US and Britain and several by women authors.  Rue Morgue is the second story but Holmes doesn't show until page 267, showing how many people were writing between the two authors. The quality does go back and forth but it's hard to compare detective stories written by Mark Twain or Arthur Conan Doyle to someone unknown to you
I'll be looking up C.L.…

Wedding post!

I've been silent the last few weeks because I was just too busy leading up to the wedding!  Not really reading, though i was slowly working my way through a book of Victorian mystery short stories, because i could only concentrate for 20 minutes or so.  I was so scatterbrained and will certainly not miss the ADHD feeling i had.  Now, onto the wedding.
B and I.
We got married at a friend's house here in Nashville.  We rented tent, chairs, tables and other various things.  We planned for around 40 guests and I think that's around what we had.  They have a huge backyard and we had plenty of room, even to set up a bar tent.

part of the ceremony area.  stole the sign idea off Pinterest.  We didn't need the umbrellas!
The weather pretty much cooperated; it was hot directly in the sun but under the tent or in the shade was fine. The wedding was supposed to start at 5 but i think we ran about 15 minutes late.  We had music and dancing, plenty to drink and eat, and books on the ta…