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I've been silent the last few weeks because I was just too busy leading up to the wedding!  Not really reading, though i was slowly working my way through a book of Victorian mystery short stories, because i could only concentrate for 20 minutes or so.  I was so scatterbrained and will certainly not miss the ADHD feeling i had.  Now, onto the wedding.
B and I.

We got married at a friend's house here in Nashville.  We rented tent, chairs, tables and other various things.  We planned for around 40 guests and I think that's around what we had.  They have a huge backyard and we had plenty of room, even to set up a bar tent.

part of the ceremony area.  stole the sign idea off Pinterest.  We didn't need the umbrellas!

The weather pretty much cooperated; it was hot directly in the sun but under the tent or in the shade was fine. The wedding was supposed to start at 5 but i think we ran about 15 minutes late.  We had music and dancing, plenty to drink and eat, and books on the tables! Several times i spotted people flipping through our decorations!

Probably the first time in four years my brothers and i were all together with our parents.

A huge highlight, besides the actually getting married bit, was seeing so many members of our families together.  Our flower girls were our nieces, one from each side, and they really hit it off!  Our mom's got on great and everyone was so caring and helpful and amazing. 

The Wedding Party, minus the kids.

 My Best Woman D and her partner.  They were so gracious to let us use their house and yard!

More details: we walked out to a couple tracks from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, Concerning Hobbits and the instrumental version of Into the West.  It was really a Do-It-Ourselves production as most of the decorations we made (those big flowers behind us above, the fans, the bookmarks), were family made (those cool table runners were made by B's mom) or were things we already had (like those books on the tables).  A friend pitched in to tend bar, a different one did the pro photos, a third married us, a fourth made amazing jambalaya for the reception while i whipped up red beans and rice.  B set up the sound system and we made a "mellow" playlist to have running while everyone ate and then a "dance" one for, well, dancing!  

 B and I, first dance was to "Librarian" by My Morning Jacket.  

B's sister and her son.  Had a train gone by during the ceremony, he had a "Pause for train" sign ready to go!  

My brother and his youngest daughter.  She turned 1 the next day!

The kids used the music as an opportunity for a game of musical chairs.

oh, ceremony bit!  Civil, not religious.  We used Union by Robert Fulghum and part of the ruling on the case that legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Did our own vows and they were great. I couldn't decide what shoes to wear so we all decided to be barefoot, even the officiant!
The ringbearer, my nephew, passes the ring box to the Best Man.

Some part of the ceremony.  

Everything just came together so well. I definitely stressed too much prior to the day.  Not about the "getting married" bit but about organizing for and feeding 45ish people.  That's not what i'm used to doing and our moms, the Best Woman and her partner deserve super thank yous!

Our parents and us.

Ok, I'm done!  Gotta go write more thank you notes.  

Photos by Richard Call Photography, B's mom and my sister-in-law J, mom of the ringbearer, a flower girl and the little one!


  1. Congratulations! It looks like such a laid back and happy wedding, the best kind :)

  2. Congratulations! It looks like it was a perfect day!

  3. Congrats! The wedding looks like a ton of fun. And I LOVE your shoes with your dress! EVerything looks awesome.

    1. thanks! I was actually surprised that i did have as much fun as we did. I had to put on shoes for dancing and those were the most comfortable of the 3 pair of flats i bought. Off Broadway shoes has them in about 8 colors.

  4. Congratulations! Admittedly VERY late, but nonetheless heartfelt. It looks like you had a wonderfully sunny day, always a worry with the outdoor events. Love the tent, the colors, your dress...everything looks great! And that was a fantastic idea from Pinterest. Very cool. I'm so happy for you and look forward to many years of anniversary posts ahead. You've got so many "firsts" coming up this year and I hope each and every one is magical.

  5. Thanks! and hey, it's our one-month-aversary so that's the perfect time to say congrats. :) The weather was great, not 106 like in early July; i think the high was like 85.


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