1000 posts!

This entry makes the 1000th I've written on this blog. My life has certainly changed since December of 2005 when I started this blog or from February 2007 when my random posts morphed into a book blog.  I don't do a ton of reflecting or looking back so let's do a bit now. 

I've met an amazing man and we got married.  I've changed jobs and gone back to school for my master's degree.  We just had our offer accepted on a house!  I've read an amazing number of really great books and some stinky ones. I've seen amazing movies and terrible ones.  I went from having one niece to having three nieces and two nephews and gained another whole family who are just great.  I've gained the chillest dog ever.  I've gone to New York and Asheville and Vermont.  I've gone skiing and to football games and to plays.  I've met a great group of people on Meetup.  I've made a bunch of blogging friend.  I've cried a bunch and felt the worst I ever had.  I've been amazingly gloriously happy!  I've found new fandoms.  I've got goals and plans and ideas!  I've learned about myself and what i want and what i need.  

life's amazing isn't it? 


  1. I swear I commented on this!!! But I came back just now and it's not here :( But I wanted to tell you congrats on your 1000 posts and that I'm so happy to see you at a good place in your life right now :) <3

  2. thanks! it's crazy right? it's gone by in a flash.


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