Fables 17

I'm loosing some interest in Fables.  Volume 17, Inherit the Wind, sorts out which of Bigby and Snow White's children will take over for the North Wind.  We get a little more of Mrs. Spratt and a bit of Rose Red and her scouting party returning to The Farm.  There's also a bit of Bufkin in Oz but i feel like i didn't quite catch what was going on there.

I honestly feel like the series is waiting for something to happen.  Like they had decided Mr. Dark was going to be the next big storyline but then decided to get rid of him after 2 books instead, though i do realize in the real comics it played out over many months.  But the story felt both rushed and drawn out because Mr. Dark was such a "comic book" villian, where Gepetto was (and is) way more complex and interesting.  Where's he anyway?

Overall, i'll keep reading but I hope the series takes a more exciting turn soon.


  1. I'm so ridonkulously behind in reading this series, I do doubt I'll return to it at this point. I would love to library it, but alas they don't have it and ILL takes ages. Oy!

  2. well i recommend it up through 11 or 12. it's been the last 4 o4 5 that have been bleh.


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