Hell House

The entire time i was reading Hell House by Richard Matheson i kept thinking "have i read this before?"  Then I realized I hadn't but i had read Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. Both books have the same setup: a couple of psychics and a scientist go investigate a haunted house.  But there is far more sex and gore in the Matheson version.  We also get in the heads of the various characters and see their perspectives on the haunting. 

I didn't really connect with any of the characters, which i think you kind of need to do with horror books.  You have to care about them and want them to live or, conversely, dislike them and hope they are next.  I think part was just the time it was written and set.  The women were just so cliched.  The scientist was also pretty stock.  The ex-psychic was the most interesting, but perhaps that's because he shares his first name with my husband (heehee, i can't get used to saying that!).  Anyway, if you want to see a different version of the Jackson story to compare and contrast, or you love Matheson and/or haunted house stories, I'd say give this a shot.  If not, you probably won't mind missing it.  a 4 from me.


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