I am a member of an online sci-fi book club.  Each month we read an old book (pre-1982 right now) and a new book (post-1982, though we seem to choose things from the last 15 years).  While i don't read everything, or even half i would bet, I do follow the discussions and get a lot of enjoyment out of the varied opinions and recommendations.  This month we had Frankenstein and The Windup Girl and though I really wanted to read both I only got to do a reread of Frankenstein.

I listened to this one on audiobook but i have read it a few times previously.  I remembered the general story but had forgotten the little details. I'd forgotten how whiny Victor is!  He just seems like a big teenager, never taking responsibility for his actions and never thinking anything through.  I just wanted to grab him and shake him a few times.  I enjoyed the reread but Frankenstein will never be the favorite of mine that Dracula is. 
The images and lyricism of the writing is lovely and there are so many modern ideas packed into Frankenstein that I think everyone should take the time to read it.  

Counts for RIP and a 5 from me!


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