More Baths, Less Talking

When I realized Nick Hornby had a new collection of columns from The Believer, titled More Baths, Less Talking, I immediately put it on hold at the library.  I actually got it very quickly.  I read it far too fast.  I love Hornby's essays and not just because he's also an Arsenal fan! They are funny, intelligent and informative. He made me want to read a 700 page book about a country during a time I am not interested in! Checking back, i read the last collection back in 2009 and have since learned much, much more about British culture.  B introduced me to Doctor Who, Top Gear, and Premier League football, so I actually "get" many more of Hornby's references now.  I kinda want to go back and reread the previous collections; the whole series is highly recommended!


  1. There's a new Hornby collection of essays? Excellent! I'll have to check it out posthaste.


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