The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

On Monday I finished a reread of Alan Bradley's The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  I then spent at least 45 minutes trying to find out when I read it before.  I actually had to look up the publishing date (January 2009) and work my way forward month by month through the blog;  thank goodness for CTRL-F!  Turns out I read it in May of 2010 and that bloggers little "search box" sucks ass.  as in, searching for the title or Flavia or Bradley did not pull up the post, I suppose because none of those words were in the title?  strange.  

I loved this book as much this time as i did the first.  And with the reread I am seeing the threads a little better.  I really liked revisiting this one for RIP!



  1. This is high on my list. Whenever the jerk ahead of me at the library gets done, I'm alllll over it!

    My apologies to the jerk ahead of me on the library holds list. I'm sure you're a lovely person.

  2. This is one that I want to re-read sometime. And I need to read the latest one, maybe this time I'll do it around Christmas since it is set during that time. I planned to do that last year when it came out but didn't manage it.

    And I find the search function on mine doesn't always work the best either. It can be ridiculous.

  3. Andi- well, at least they have good taste in books!

    Carl- yes, i rather wish i had waited until the holidays to read the latest as it does take place on Christmas...Flavia sets her sights on capturing Santa!

  4. I have high hopes that I will get to it this time. I need to set it out where I can see it so I don't forget.


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