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The Shining ReRead

The Shining by Stephen King was a book i first read far too young. I was probably 12 or so when I first read it and definitely gave myself a few frights.  Also probably learned more about sex than i should have known at that point as well.  I decided to listen to it this time rather than read the paper version. The book was scary to me in a whole new way on this reread.  While I've read it several times, I know i probably have not read it in the last 10 years, so I haven't read it while involved in a serious adult relationship, or while living with someone.  On this reread, Jack's descent just terrified me.  I found myself more drawn to Wendy's character and that, coupled with the idea that you could be living with someone who's going completely crazy and you don't know it, kept making me stop listening to the book for several days at a time. It is just so scary to think I could think everything was fine while B is sitting there thinking about taking a roque

A book I was weepy through

I, rather quickly, read Mortality by Christopher Hitchens .  It is a short collection of his last columns for Vanity Fair, the ones he wrote as he was dying of cancer.  The circumstance of the columns would be enough to get me teary even if he had been writing music reviews but the subject certainly kept me teary.  He writes of dying, how from the cancer he begins loosing his humanity, his voice.  He has an amazing tone in all his writing that I don't know that i've read anywhere else. I have to read more Hitchens, which I think I said the last time I read something he wrote.  a 6. 

Marvel 1602

The graphic novel kick continues!  Somehow I'd missed Marvel:1602 by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert .  Another library score!  This book is all over the place character-wise, we've got all sorts of people, both good or bad guys, big characters and small.  Of course, some of the characters I might have considered small a few months ago have a bigger profile now, like Black Widow.  It is an interesting take on the world; how would our heroes operate when communication can take days and travel can take weeks?  Mutants are called witchbreed and, of course, are supposed to be demons.  Nick Fury is the Queen's spymaster, Daredevil and Black Widow are agents.  There are some bad guys, Magneto for instance, but there's a bigger evil lurking around as well.  The art is great and i really like the etching covers.  a 5.

The Ultimates 2

So I jumped right in and was able to get The Ultimates 2 by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch .  Wow.  I actually think I liked this one more than the first though again the characters were very different from the movieverse.  There's some inter-team fighting, super solidiers from other countries, Hawkeye being the most amazing badass.  There's more Hulk and Thor and explosions! And Tony being a genius!  and Nick Fury being a BAMF!  and the Xmen have a cameo!  so, a 6 from me and the beginning of the series is highly recommended. 

The Ultimates

I really loved the recent Avengers movie.  I never read The Avengers as I was an X-men fan as a teen and wanted to get some idea of the characters comic book versions.  I saw a post on (the one which also led me to the Astonishing X-men series i read in the summer) and decided to pick up The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch .  The only reason it took so long to get to it is because the library didn't have book 1 and i kept expecting them to get it.  I finally decided I had to read it RIGHT NOW so went to Books a Million after the local used store didn't have it.  That was a shopping trip straight out of my teenage fantasies as i ended up getting the big compilation rather than just the part the library didn't have.  I dropped $60 on comics, chocolate and Doctor Who swag, which was pretty much what i thought all shopping trips would be like when i was a kid! This set is a story of the Avengers getting together and battling the Chitauri.  But completely dif