The Shining ReRead

The Shining by Stephen King was a book i first read far too young. I was probably 12 or so when I first read it and definitely gave myself a few frights.  Also probably learned more about sex than i should have known at that point as well.  I decided to listen to it this time rather than read the paper version.

The book was scary to me in a whole new way on this reread.  While I've read it several times, I know i probably have not read it in the last 10 years, so I haven't read it while involved in a serious adult relationship, or while living with someone.  On this reread, Jack's descent just terrified me.  I found myself more drawn to Wendy's character and that, coupled with the idea that you could be living with someone who's going completely crazy and you don't know it, kept making me stop listening to the book for several days at a time. It is just so scary to think I could think everything was fine while B is sitting there thinking about taking a roque mallet to my head...not that he would.  This book is just so intense and frightening; i'm really really glad i reread it. a 6.

Want an amazing fabulous review?  Go check out Grady Hendrix's review at (they are doing a reread of a good bit of King's early work) for a spoilery, but better written, review.


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