The Ultimates

I really loved the recent Avengers movie.  I never read The Avengers as I was an X-men fan as a teen and wanted to get some idea of the characters comic book versions.  I saw a post on (the one which also led me to the Astonishing X-men series i read in the summer) and decided to pick up The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch.  The only reason it took so long to get to it is because the library didn't have book 1 and i kept expecting them to get it.  I finally decided I had to read it RIGHT NOW so went to Books a Million after the local used store didn't have it.  That was a shopping trip straight out of my teenage fantasies as i ended up getting the big compilation rather than just the part the library didn't have.  I dropped $60 on comics, chocolate and Doctor Who swag, which was pretty much what i thought all shopping trips would be like when i was a kid!

This set is a story of the Avengers getting together and battling the Chitauri.  But completely differently from the movie!  Tony's still an playboy, billionaire, genius but he's not dating Pepper, Hawkeye doesn't get possessed and he has a wife and kids, Thor is a environmental hippie that may or may not be delusional.  Bruce Banner is WAY more of a weenie

I liked this set, though things are different from the movie. Particularly the Bruce Banner/Hulk character. I read somewhere that reading this after the movie is like seeing Avengers 2 and it really is! I can recommend it but you need to remember this came out prior to the first Iron Man movie.  a 5. 


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